Privately owned umbrella company, Paycheck Services Ltd. was established in 1997 by a contractor, for contractors. Built on reputation and recommendation and upheld by two generations, Paycheck's longevity and deep rooted values are comparable to no other Umbrella Company in the UK!

What is a Straight Talking Umbrella Company?

All umbrella companies are equal - Straight talking LogoStraight talking Umbrella Companies are members of All Umbrella Companies Are Equal, a self-regulating body which was set up in 2013 to address issues of non-compliance within the umbrella company industry and currently represents over a third of UK umbrella companies with membership growing steadily. They have worked with HMRC to ensure that the standards all members work to are compliant with current UK tax and employment legislation and members sit on a number of HMRC and Treasury consultative committees. This means that they are in a position to help shape future policy for the industry.

AUCAE was formed to support compliant umbrella companies, to work with HMRC and the Treasury to create a level playing field for umbrella companies and to provide a valuable resource for both recruiters and contractors. Tax avoidance scheme providers, who label themselves as umbrella companies, are putting contractors and recruiters at risk of financial penalties from HMRC; their marketing targets the unwary and is often slick and seemingly credible.

HMRC are fighting a constant battle against tax avoidance but, conversely, they will not approve a compliant umbrella company so it is left to the industry to self-regulate.

To this end AUCAE have carefully put together a "Straight Talking Umbrella Company Charter" that all compliant umbrella companies should work to in order to satisfy HMRC. Paycheck Services Ltd became an approved member in 2014.

The website has the Charter published for all to see, alongside details of any umbrella companies that agreed to abide by it. All ‘straight talking’ umbrella companies will contribute ideas and opinions to the site and have committed to answering honestly and transparently any questions raised by contractors about the industry and our working practices.

The website does not ‘rank’ umbrella companies through paid advertising, as the intention of this body is to raise awareness for legitimate umbrella companies and provide contractors with an assurance that they are in safe hands.


  • They are the only industry body to have worked alongside HMRC to produce an “Umbrella Compliance Manual” to clarify what constitutes a compliant umbrella company.
  • Recognised by The Office of Tax Simplification Committee to advise the Chancellor with regards to the complexities of contractor taxes.
  • Their members represent over 30% of the umbrella industry giving contractors and agencies access to a combined experience of 250 years from our members.
  • An up to date resource for umbrella’s, agencies and contractor’s on the basics and legal aspects that affect the industry.

All Umbrella Companies Are Equal:  Providing an unbiased resource for UK Contractors & Recruiters.