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As you may already know, we are sponsoring our former contractor Steph Jeavons on her epic challenge of a lifetime and we will be following her progress with great interest and sharing some of the excerpts of her blog.

A major milestone has been reached, her bike has arrived! Here is the update from her blog.

From Steph Jeavons : One Woman, One Motorbike, One World 
Steph's Diaries - Biker's Guide To The Galaxy

Well she has arrived! The bike that will carry me around the world over 15 months!

One Woman One Motorbike One World Honda BikeSaturday morning and I decided to walk the mile from my house to Colwyn Bay Motorcycles where my bike was waiting for me. Prepped and ready to go.

As I get nearer I feel the excitement building at the thought of us getting acquainted! I had chosen the bike I was going to be spending the next 15 months with and, forsaking all others, it would just be me and her for better or for worse! There was no going back now. It felt amazing!


The team at Colwyn Bay Motorcycles were exited for me, recognising this as a big milestone and were full of helpful advice and suggestions as always. We discussed possible add ons to the bike and agreed that it would be wise to fit her with a bellypan and hand guards. The good news is that I will not need to strengthen the back end as I had originally thought. The bike is more than capable of carrying the luggage as she is. All I need to do now is figure out how to fit the Kriega luggage system! The most important thing though was to get out and ride, so waving goodbye to the crew, I left CBM and headed straight for the hills.

The CRF250L did not let me down. It is so much fun to ride with a comfy seat, good cornering capabilities and a smooth gearbox. This bike may look like it's enduro cousin, the CRF250X but it is a very different machine. It is clearly a dual sport and behaves very well on the road. I also felt confident enough to steer off the tarmac and wonder in to the forest on my own without a second thought. It handles the tracks well and is low enough to the ground and light enough that you just want to go and play. So I did!

Of course the rain came down after a couple of hours but I had so much fun on my first day with my new bike that I just cant wait to get going. The bike is no longer a worry and I know I will have the confidence to steer her down dirt tracks, potter down country lanes and even manhandle her in to hotel rooms if I have to!

I am sure we will be very happy together!

From Steph Jeavons : One Woman, One Motorbike, One World 
Steph's Diaries - Biker's Guide To The Galaxy