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Steph JeavonsFormer Paycheck Services contractor Steph Jeavons is about to embark on the challenge of a lifetime, riding solo around the world on 2 wheels!

On the 27th of March 2014 Steph will be heading off on a solo overland motorcycle journey taking 15 months to travel around the globe, visiting around 42 countries and riding around 50,000 miles. She hopes to raise money for her chosen charity Rally4Life. Steph will be avoiding all motorways and main roads and living mainly in her two man (woman!) tent with only the things she can carry on her bike. Steph's current budget for the entire trip is just £10,000. This presents a challenge in itself allowing her just £5 a day to spend on food that she will have to cook in her one pot!

Steph will become the second woman in the UK to make this solo journey. Elspeth Beard did it 30 years ago but being slightly on the competitive side she would love to become the first Brit to include all 7 continents. This has only ever been achieved by 4 other people in the world (that we know of). Sadly though, making it to the Antarctic is looking like a step too far for her budget.

"The Antarctic would require another £6,000 minimum as it is extremely costly to get there and with only £10,000 to play with it would take a miracle!"

With the ethos at Paycheck Services being to offer contractors and freelancers the freedom to enjoy what they do best by helping with their financial burdens, how could we resist sponsoring Steph to get a little closer to achieving her dream of getting to the Antarctic and also raise awareness for the very worth while charity, Rally4Life.

We be following Steph on the build up to her trip and will keep you up to date on her progress. Exciting times ahead, we wish her the very best of luck!

You can also follow Steph on her blog