Privately owned umbrella company, Paycheck Services Ltd. was established in 1997 by a contractor, for contractors. Built on reputation and recommendation and upheld by two generations, Paycheck's longevity and deep rooted values are comparable to no other Umbrella Company in the UK!

Travel & Subsistence for Contractors

And here we go again, yet more legislation changes for us all to contend with.

If you are not already aware, HMRC propose the restriction of travel & subsistence expenses for Contractors employed by Umbrella Companies, who are deemed subject to (or the right of) Supervision, Direction and Control, as to the manner in which they carry out the work.

At present (unless HMRC amend this also) the contractor/worker will still be able to claim site to site travel.

For the last 20 years in this industry we have built our reputation on our professional compliant service. We have always and, will continue, to offer best practise solutions to all our contractors/workers.

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Contractors: Have your say on the expenses tax relief ban

Responses to the proposal in Budget 2015 to ban tax relief on expenses for supervised, directed and controlled workers are needed from contractors, not anybody else, says and industry body.

All Umbrella Companies Are Equal (AUCAE) says it wants to hear from contractors in an umbrella or limited company who might be affected by the proposal, so it can send their views to HMRC.

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Budget 2015 - a Contractors Guide

Guide written by Contractor Financials

With Government finances still tight no one was expecting fireworks from George Osborne’s last Budget before the 2015 General Election however he has had the ability to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat in his last two budget speeches to the House of Commons, with pension’s reform this time last year and the stamp duty overhaul in the Autumn Statement.

So it is perhaps no surprise that, despite the restricted room for manoeuvre, the Chancellor still managed to pull out a few interesting sweeteners which should benefit the Contractor community writes Tony Harris of specialist IFA ContractorFinancials.

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New alliance partner – Access Financial

Access Financial - Contrator Accounting ServicesServices for contractors looking to live and work abroad are now available. Access Financial is a global payroll, contract management and umbrella company provider. They will ensure tax, social security, employment law and labour-leasing laws in the work country are respected as well as the laws that apply in the UK.

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Mortgage protection for contractors

Are you one of the 5 million Britons that have no protection for their mortgage if they can’t work?

Contractors are often aware of the need to self-protect against periods out of work but a scary number forget to put any protection in place to cover mortgage payments if a longer term illness or injury prevents you from working.

A recent study by Royal London suggests that over five million mortgage holders in the UK have absolutely no insurance to cover repayments if anything should happen to prevent them from working. For the average employee, that is a daunting prospect, but for a Contractor, that has potentially disastrous consequences as you won’t have the safety net of an employee sick pay package to fall back on.

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Paycheck Services - All Umbrella Companies Are Equal

We are pleased to announce that Paycheck Services Ltd has been accepted as a member of All Umbrella Companies Are Equal. Together with other Umbrella Companies we fully support the ‘Straight Talking’ Umbrella Company Charter and the move towards a level playing field in an industry which has been brought into disrepute by companies who act as an Umbrella Company but fail to meet compliance legislation as set by HMRC.

We understand it is of great importance to contractors that they can quickly and easily differentiate between a compliant and non compliant Umbrella Company which is why we are proud to carry the ‘Straight Talking’ logo.

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Contractor Financials News

Contractor buy to let mortgages are the best investment over 18 years - Contractor Financials News

As regular Planet Contractor readers will know, Contractor Financials has always championed buy to let mortgages. In fact we have secured many Contractor’s their first buy to let property and have then seen them go on to develop a whole portfolio.

We have seen first-hand how a buy to let portfolio can boost our client’s income, both now and into retirement but a recent study has confirmed that buy to let has actually been the best investment of the last 18 years. The return that landlords have been able to achieve on their properties has surpassed other investments such as equities, bonds, cash and commercial property.

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Update on Steph Jeavons' round the world trip!

We're down to the final week before former Paycheck Services contractor Steph Jeavons sets off on her life changing round the world trip! She's hoping to spend 15 months riding 45,000 miles solo and unsupported on her Honda CRF250L motorcycle, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of 7 different continents. If (when!) she succeeds she will become the 1st British person to do this!

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Update from Steph's diary - Preparing for a round the world trip

Latest blog post from our former contractor Steph Jeavons as she prepares to embark on her solo, round the world on two wheels trip!

From Steph Jeavons : One Woman, One Motorbike, One World 
Steph's Diaries - Biker's Guide To The Galaxy

Preparing for a round the world trip

Never use ingenuity when brute force and ignorance will suffice. It only saps the brain cells... and you need to save all of yours!

                                   DOYLE, The Professionals, "Servant of Two Masters" (1979)

one woman one moto one worldI am now on the 4 month countdown to setting off and leaving everything I know behind, heading for the horizon on what will be a life changing experience. Of course the life changes are already long underway.....

How do you plan for a trip like this? How much is it really costing? What are you doing with your house? Why are you going on your own? Are you crazy?

These are main questions that people are asking me. I'd hate to give it all away...Let's face it..How many times have you said "If I had known how much effort it took I never would have started it"? Usually you're glad you did! These are my findings so far.  I will try to keep this real.....

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One Woman, One Motorbike, One World Update : Nov 2013

As you may already know, we are sponsoring our former contractor Steph Jeavons on her epic challenge of a lifetime and we will be following her progress with great interest and sharing some of the excerpts of her blog.

A major milestone has been reached, her bike has arrived! Here is the update from her blog.

From Steph Jeavons : One Woman, One Motorbike, One World 
Steph's Diaries - Biker's Guide To The Galaxy

Well she has arrived! The bike that will carry me around the world over 15 months!

One Woman One Motorbike One World Honda BikeSaturday morning and I decided to walk the mile from my house to Colwyn Bay Motorcycles where my bike was waiting for me. Prepped and ready to go.

As I get nearer I feel the excitement building at the thought of us getting acquainted! I had chosen the bike I was going to be spending the next 15 months with and, forsaking all others, it would just be me and her for better or for worse! There was no going back now. It felt amazing!

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Meet Steph

Paycheck Services is proud to be sponsoring our former contractor Steph Jeavons to achieve her dreams!

Here's a bit about Steph and the challenge ahead!

Current job - Managing Director of RedMoto Adventures Ltd (

Age - 38

Kids - 19 year old son

Lives - North Wales

Dream job - Test driving the Bowler Nemesis! 

Worst nightmare - Being stuck in a car on the M6 with a bee and Justin Bieber. 

Luxury item for trip - Moisturiser

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Limited Companies Latest To Face Warnings from HMRC

Limited Companies Latest To Face Warnings from HMRC

The new tougher, rougher HMRC has now turned its attention towards Limited Companies after seemingly having obsessed solely about Umbrella Companies for the last couple of years. According to HMRC Limited Companies are the next important target in their battle against tax avoidance and will be facing much harder and much more strict investigations from this point onwards. According to details released on their website relating to a whole new range of anti-avoidance initiatives and proposals (Tempted by Tax Avoidance), from this point on the taxman will be viewing the tax liability of any limited company directors as anything but limited, should they have engaged in any kind of avoidance of tax:


“If you are a director of a limited company and you are considering involving the company in an avoidance scheme you must remember that you owe legal duties to the company and its employees, customers and creditors ... This means that you could be personally liable for the company’s tax or other debts if the company engages in risky tax avoidance which causes loss to the company.”

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Let's get Steph to the Antarctic!

Steph JeavonsFormer Paycheck Services contractor Steph Jeavons is about to embark on the challenge of a lifetime, riding solo around the world on 2 wheels!

On the 27th of March 2014 Steph will be heading off on a solo overland motorcycle journey taking 15 months to travel around the globe, visiting around 42 countries and riding around 50,000 miles. She hopes to raise money for her chosen charity Rally4Life. Steph will be avoiding all motorways and main roads and living mainly in her two man (woman!) tent with only the things she can carry on her bike. Steph's current budget for the entire trip is just £10,000. This presents a challenge in itself allowing her just £5 a day to spend on food that she will have to cook in her one pot!

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Budget 2013

The budget for 2013 was announced on the 20th of March 2013 by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. It addresses the economy, housing and fuel but what does is mean for contractors? Here are some excerpts that effect contractors, you can watch the Chancellor's statement here or you can download the budget in PDF form here.

IR35 and Office Holders

– As announced at Autumn Statement 2012, the Government will make a small amendment to the existing IR35 provisions to equalise the tax and NICs treatment of office holders, and put beyond doubt that the legislation applies to office holders for tax purposes. (Finance Bill 2013

Little was said in regards to IR35 or guidance around office holders but it does look promising that more information may be provided on the 28th of March which is when the Finance Bill is due.

Corporation Tax

At Budget 2013 the Government announces it will go further, and will reduce the main rate of corporation tax by an additional 1 percentage point in April 2015, so it will reach 20 per cent. In the process, the Government will unify the small profits rate and the main rate so there is a single rate of corporation tax, simplifying the tax system.

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New Website

Welcome to the new Paycheck Services website.

We now have a contractor hub where you can submit timesheets/expenses, update your contact details and get updates on our services.

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