Privately owned umbrella company, Paycheck Services Ltd. was established in 1997 by a contractor, for contractors. Built on reputation and recommendation and upheld by two generations, Paycheck's longevity and deep rooted values are comparable to no other Umbrella Company in the UK!

Claiming legitimate business expenses

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A guide to claiming expenses

Trying to figure out if you can or can’t legitimately claim expenses has become a bit of a minefield.

Unlike some Umbrella companies we will not encourage our employee’s to exploit grey areas in the system.
If HMRC choose to audit your expenses, they can re-coup any tax you saved if they prove them to be non-allowable, so it’s really not worth the risk to your livelihood.

Below is a list of the current claimable expenses available:

  • Mileage to Temporary Work Places
  • Day Subsistence
  • Parking and Toll Charges
  • Public transport & Taxi’s
  • Car Rental
  • Protective Clothing & Uniforms
  • Business Telephone Calls& Fax Costs
  • Overnight Stays at B&B’s and Hotels
  • Personal incidental expenditure
  • Night Subsistence
  • Professional subscriptions

Please be aware, when claiming personal expenses, the amount claimed will be offset against your income tax liability, in monetary value you will receive a percentage of this amount based on you current tax levels.

The Expenses Small Print

In accordance with HMRC, all claimed expenses have to have been incurred wholly and exclusively for the performance of your duties at a temporary place of work. Please also note that with all Expenses the two year rule applies, which means that if you are working or intending to work at the same site for two or more years you cannot claim any tax relief on your expenses.

Client Expenses

In accordance with HMRC, call expenses must have been incurred wholly and exclusively necessary for the performance of your contractual duties.

  • You can’t claim expenses incurred prior to joining Paycheck.
  • You can’t submit any travel and subsistence related claims for any one place you have worked, or know you will work, for more than 2 years.
  • You can’t submit any travel and subsistence related claims if you only intend/expect to work just one assignment through Paycheck.


These are granted to umbrella companies as a way of reducing administration at the end of the Tax year.

They do not allow an employee/worker to claim excessive amounts of non-receipted expenses. Any umbrella company claiming an employee/worker can do so, should be avoided at all costs.

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